Day 5 – An Astronaut’s Perfect Day

Small rectification to yesterday’s post. I said it was day 3 but it was day 4. I must say, my most inspired day was the first one. I am not overly happy about the rest of the texts. I admit it is my fault though. I put more thought into those just hundred words than I put in all the other’s together, something that I will be rectifying from today, as I intend to start preparing for tomorrow’s text once I have published this one.

I will also admit that the start is the fruit of my partners quick wit. I asked him, what would he be doing if he was an astronaut and what he answered are the two first sentences of the text.

“If I was an astronaut, I wouldn’t be here, I would be on the moon. I would be playing golf. Of course, I’d have to bring a large supply of gold balls, I reckon I would lose them, flying away, maybe back to earth to end up falling into the ocean. Who knows.

Maybe I would have a drink. I wonder if, because of the different conditions of pressure and gravity, alcohol would have a different effect on me. Would I get drunk faster or slower. It would be sad if there was no difference.

The best thing about being an astronaut and being on the moon, I am sure, must be the quiet. Not a sound. I can imagine myself, on a chaise long, with a cup of tea and a book and a blanket. The picture loses a lot of it’s romanticism because of the suit, but Mick Jagger said it, you can’t always have what you want. Or get? Either.

But even better, there would be no light pollution. What it must be like to look at those stars and planets with your own eyes. Pictures are beautiful, but it can’t possibly compare to being there in the flesh.

But I am not an astronaut, I am an accountant. The only stars I see are the ones I dream about.”

More tomorrow!


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