Day 7 – You Stole My Heart

Yes! I confess! I forgot, yesterday. And it’s funny how it happens. I didn’t forget until I told myself: “I will have lunch, and then I’ll write today’s story.” Only then, did I forget. It happens to me very often and if anybody knows the psychological reasons for this, I’d like to know, cause it happens to me at work ALL THE TIME. It’s very frustrating.

I did think some time about this one and I just had a list of ideas, which is why I organised the in a list and it made sense to let them build a sort of poem.

As I was writing this, I was assaulted by the culprit. The thief (or one of them) climbed on top of me and started poking at my eyes and nose with his claw like minuscule fingers.

In any case, poetry is definitely not my thing, so be merciful. It just the way the thoughts came to me and then I just organised them so they made sense lengthwise, at least. Well, they make sense to me anyway.


You stole my heart for no other reason than to make me yours.

You didn’t mean to, I know.

It just happened.

You looked up at me, small sleepy eyes and a wrinkled nose.

I remember when and how.

It was lunch time.

And it’s not enough to steal my heart once, you do it over and over,

Every morning when you smile

and open your eyes.

But I have enough heart for you to steal forever, otherwise it would break.

I’ll just hand it to you, voluntarilly

straight into your tiny hand.


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