With Big Changes Come Big Responsibilities

I was just reading the last post I wrote, months and months ago. I might try that challenge again, I must say, but we’ll talk about that another day. I think the following four or five prompts were completely un-prompting and I gave up. Something was going on as well, but I can’t remember now. There is a lot to say about unrealistic goals too.


Anyway, all of that is neither here nor there. Big changes I said. More or less a month ago was my last day in my Call Center career. If you work or have worked in one of those, you can probably imagine the long list of anecdotes of crazy customers I have, together with the long list of unrealistic, ridiculous and/or utterly frustrating management decisions people above me have made. Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with any of them, I keep it all for my memoirs.

No, instead I’d like to say something about what led me to become (technically) unemployed . I say (technically) because I have a job, well, a couple, they just don’t pay much. First of all, I am in the field of Child Development, AKA motherhood, a job that is incredibly rewarding and incredibly frustrating in equal parts. I am also a writer, so I am working on that novel I have been working on for years, slightly more successfully now, as far as I haven’t reached the proverbial writer’s block stage. I also manage my mum’s online store on Etsy, which we have rebooted recently. AND I also sell make up. More than enough to keep me busy for three lifetimes.

However, and as bohemian as it would sound to say that I quit my job to write, that’s not what happened, although having time to write was definitely a factor. The reason was family, as it often is. My husband would come from work and I would leave to go to mine ten minutes later. As great as not needing childcare and working from home was, at the end, I never got to see my family.

There was also the fact that I was very demotivated at work. Back at the “height” of my career I would have come up with loads of ideas and plans and projects to improve performance, but the last few years I simply didn’t find the determination. The short and the long of it is that I couldn’t be bothered anymore, putting it bluntly.

So here I am, unemployed, a housewife essentially, with some very specific goals. I am almost a Rennaissance woman, dabbling in different areas of interest (I use the term “Rennaissance woman” very loosely here). All creative, though. Please, please, wish me luck!


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