Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and post-referendum depression!


I spent the weekend in London. Well, four days. But if you have ever been in London, you will know that four days there feels like a week. As you can imagine, I was exhausted. We walked a lot (by our own choice) and then I was unlucky to get a blister, which made things that tiny bit harder, physically. Otherwise I had a great time and that made up for the hardship.

I’m not going to go through the ups and downs of the trip, because, to be honest, they are probably the same than if I had been in any other big city.


What I will talk about is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Don’t fret, though, I will not reveal any details, #keepthesecrets. Sadly, not everybody is being considerate and the plot is published on the Internet if you really want to know. I wouldn’t recommend you to read any of the plot summaries if you intend to watch the play. I only read them after I had seen it because of the comments I had read on Facebook, mostly saying the plot was weak and so on. I didn’t think so. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I am very partial to Harry Potter and those books are like part of my family, so I find it hard to see their defects, since I personally don’t think they have any. Or at least I don’t care about them.

What brings this plot to a new level is the mise-en-scene and scenography. The stage is magnificent and already hits you with wonder as soon as you walk in the theater. I must say, my friends and I had really good seats, so we benefited of all the extra tricks. The use of props to move the plot along is clever and very creative. And the magic… the magic is flawless. I did wonder how they were going to resolve that but I might have been the only one worried, it was fantastic.

Now, some of the more critical fans (who have not seen the play) have decided that this is not pure J.K Rowling material and, hence, is not worth watching. I don’t know in accurate percentages, how much J.K wrote of the script, but her essence comes across, her sense of humour mostly, and the actors really make it justice. There isn’t anyone who stands out for bad reasons. The acting was top notch.

Finally, a word to the staff of the Palace Theatre. When in London, you might find a lot of people who are not necessarily all that in tune with their customer service skills. It was definitely not the case with the Palace Theatre’s staff. They were all lovely, smiling and charming and I don’t envy them the job of cleaning up after some of the spectators. By the way, if you are going to go to this or any other plays, or even the cinema, don’t be a child, pick up after yourself!


But it was not all good fun. The referendum’s result certainly dampened my weekend, more so than the rain. Maybe it is difficult to understand why a lot of us are so angry about the result, especially if you are not an EU immigrant, but whatever your beliefs, consider the state of uncertainty we are all living in at the moment. The fact is, Cameron should not have called the referendum, the same way the doctor doesn’t let us prescribe our on medication. The public doesn’t know enough to make that decision and they should have known that. It’s obvious, however, that they didn’t even consider the possibility of Brexit winning, because if they had, they would have planned ahead and we wouldn’t all be sitting today, a week after the referendum, without knowing how this is going to be handled.

I met a friend yesterday who felt very strongly, like me, about the results and we both really would like to stop talking about it and move on, but until such a time as the government officially presents a plan, I don’t think we will be able to move on. I’ll wait sitting, though. Ice-cream might be needed to get over the post-brexit depression.

I could talk about it till the end of days but I have a lot of writing to do. I missed six days due to my trip to London (yes, I know I was there only four days) and I’ve only recovered one so far. It goes to show how a few days out of routine can throw you out for a few days. With the weekend here, I’m not sure I’ll recover much more before Monday, but I’ll certainly try.






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