The Power of Art

Andrew Lloyd Webber has inspired me with the following comments on last night’s The Graham Norton Show.

‘The thing that really resonated with me is this thing about how music can empower and liberate kids which is why is so important that we keep music in our schools […] What the government doesn’t seem to understand is that if you empower children through the arts, every penny you spend on it comes back ten times over. It’s not about making people into musicians or actually making them into actors or actresses… it’s about getting people to feel… that the arts empower […] particularly at this time, at the moment, with what’s going on in the world, what’s going on politically, I don’t think there has ever been a time when the arts have been more important in schools.’

-Andrew Lloyd Webber, The Graham Norton Show, November 2016.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of what he is saying and the passion with which he believes this is palpable in his interview with Graham Norton. Don’t lose hope and don’t forget we all have a voice and we can use it.

This week has been tough on the world, you might have noticed. Whether you are happy about the result of the election or not, it’s clear that it has shaken the world. Hate and fear are on the rise and it’s bringing out the worst out of people, giving the far right a power it hasn’t had in a long time. Indeed, the far right support is rising in Europe. It’s easy to feel dejected and hopeless, but remember there is good in the world. The media tends to focus on the horror in the world, on the bad, on darkness, because darkness sells newspapers. We do have a voice, lets use it to show the people who preach hate and fear that their voice is not louder than ours.


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