More of this, less of that

Day 4

Not much happened today, I have to say, although we didn’t have electricity for a while, which threw my routine out quite a bit. I don’t like it when my routine goes out. And it’s not so much the routine as such as unforeseen things happening. I suppose it’s the same, really.

Because I stay at home with the kids, of course, I get to spend a lot of time with them, which is good, but not always convenient. Especially when there is no electricity, which means no internet, no TV, no nothing. My son was bored and eventually came to sit on my knee while I watched something on my laptop (which had a full battery, woohooo) and I kept thinking I really wanted to have the rest of my breakfast. As I sat there, semi-obsessing over food, I kept thinking about changing perspective on this and it came back, really, to what I was writing about last nigh: being present with what’s happening right now.

The thing about BED is that it’s like a lot of addictions, you spend so much time involved with this urge, that you miss on the important things of life.

So I changed perspective again to a more positive point of view, which was to enjoy sitting here with my son, more so because he will start going to nursery in September and this moments alone together won’t be happening so much anymore. It really helped me let go of my obsessive thoughts and spend the time enjoying the company of my little boy.


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