Day 8 – Intense!

The day started well and I prepared everything to do the grocery shopping while getting E ready to go to school and then she started crying. Every few minutes, a moan or a cry. Her tummy is sore, she says. So change of plans, no school for E, because what’s the point of sending her to school so she can moan every five minutes there.

It’s probably nothing, but you can’t help being worried and there is no way to make that into a positive. Not even the prospect of not having to the school run can twist this situation. I haven’t let it affect my breakfast though. The temptation was there but I was able to tell myself that eating more wasn’t going to help E, so there was no point.

But one child moaning all day and the other complaining because his older sister is not playing with him is a lot to put up with and it’s been a stressful day. I am going to the gym in the evening, if only to get away from the noise (and move on to a techno driven body combat class, lol). It’s hard to imagine right now, because I’m tired and frustrated with so much moaning and barely getting anything done, but I shall make it to the class and even feel better after.

On a positive note, a got a wee job editing somebody’s children’s story. It’s lovely ad possibly has two stories in, rather than one, which might be a nice surprise for the writer. Because it’s a children’s story it’s not very long so it’s not a lot of money, but hey, it’s better than nothing. It is a bit of work though, because it rhymes. Because it rhymes it also has a rhythm and figuring out where the rhythm is off and how to fix it is the hard part, but also the fun one :D.

Overall, it’s been an odd day. I started tired already, I wake up a few times during the night. The prospect of grocery shopping was not great but the prospect of not being able to do it was even worse. And then having a sick child at home just makes it all hectic and yet I haven’t done a single productive thing all day. I barely managed to do the dishwasher. Still, I made it to the gym and it was an intense workout today, but I feel that I did well.

I might just like myself a bit today.



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