Day 12 – Follow Through

On Fridays E as football after school. When she said she wanted to go to football I was concerned because, knowing E, I worried that she would freak out if there weren’t any other girls there. I did refrain from mentioning that possibility to her beforehand because I didn’t want her to change her mind and not try it and, after all, I could be wrong and she might not care. Truth be told, it looks like there are more girls than boys in football.

Either way, when I went to get her things ready for school this morning, I didn’t know where her sports trousers were. I knew I had seen them somewhere at some point. If only I had had the foresight to think about putting them into the sports bag straight away, I told myself. Then I remembered that I had actually thought about it. It’s not the foresight I’m lacking, it’s the follow through.

And yet, when I took the sports bag to put her trainers inside, there they were, her sports trousers.

Anna Kendrick Boom GIF by Pitch Perfect

I do have follow through, yay!

It was an otherwise stressful day with the kids. A lot of whining all day. My patience level by dinner time was close to none and even bedtime was a bit of a hassle. I have to say I didn’t quite notice what I ate and I’m not sure if I ate too much or if I ate too fast. Still, I’m happy with my progress.

My mind, at its worst, feels like a very tight tangle of knots. But now that things are going better, it feels as if the tangles are loosening up. When I have some of those breakthroughs, it’s like one of those knots gets undone.

On other news, I’ve been wondering if everybody gets overwhelmed by the possibilities when going into the supermarket. Does everybody consider every single chocolate, biscuit and sausage roll as soon as they go through the door or is that just me?


One thought on “Day 12 – Follow Through

  1. ptholome says:

    It’s not only you. I have the same problem everytime I go to buy food and I pass all along the biscuits and chocolates… I resist but I developed thus habit when I was a child and had no money to buy a single cake. I always say “well, another day I will buy it” and that’s it.

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