Day 13 – It’s Been a Long One

Today we took the kids to the Balmoral Show. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a big event for farmers mostly, with shows and prizes for cattle, sheep, poultry, etc etc. There are stands for everything now, really, and there is a bit of a fun fair for the kids. It is huge. And it is exhausting.

I really didn’t feel like going but I am more of a home creature and although I like the occasional outing, very busy places are not my cup of tea. On the bright side, we went quite early, so it wasn’t as busy, but we left some time after lunch time and it was almost impossible to walk, what with the pram and all.

I was glad to get back home, but so tired I haven’t had much energy to do much.

I’ve had some negative thoughts today though. In the car, on the way back from the show, I saw my reflection on the window, from the side and I had to wonder at the size of my upper arms. And no, it’s not muscle… It’s difficult to not have that sort of thought in general, but when you catch your body at an angle that you don’t usually look at, well… it just catches you by surprise. I’m going full on mantra with ‘it’s ok, it doesn’t change the kind of person I am, and I am a good person’. Or I try to be anyway. So every time I get that thought I just tell myself that it’s only a thought and it’s ok and it doesn’t change the person I am. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I got up at 6.30 am because A had peed his bed and therefore woken up E, who then proceeded to come and jump on my bed. At this stage I had to go and strip A’s bed and then it made no sense to go back to bed since my husband wanted to live early so we didn’t have to park at the very back end of the parking, three miles from the actual show. Then all morning walking up and down, eyes at the back of your head so we didn’t lose any of the kids, push the pram through gravel (talk about resistance training) and walk through crowded pseudo-streets. It was a good day out, but now I am exhausted and going to bed. Good night to you all.


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