Day 20 – There is Still Hope in the World

If you’re pro-life, please look away for a few minutes if you feel pro-choice opinions might offend you.

The Republic of Ireland, with a definite 66%, has voted to repeal the 8th amendment to their constitution, an amendment which reinforced the already existing law that made abortion illegal. 66% is a very solid margin and a sign of progress in the world, considering the political events that we are witnessing in these past few years, which tend to the conservative side. France voting for Macron instead of the far right FN and this are pretty much the strands I am holding onto not to take the first rocket to Mars and plant potatoes in Matt Damon’s poo.  Congratulations to Ireland, you have a strong voice, and it has been heard.

On other news, and pro-life people who looked away, please look back, I’ve started actual writing on the murder mystery I’ve been working on for the past month or so. I don’t have every detail planned just yet, but I had enough detail to start on chapter 1. Planning is great and very helpful, but can be very demoralising if nothing is getting done.  So today I decided to get started and I am proud to say I’ve written over a thousand words. I’d like to eventually get a higher word count per day.  Stephen King writes 6000 words a day, which would take me 6 hours to do. Stephen King doesn’t have to look after young children and even when he had young children, I’m pretty sure his wife looked after them so he could write. Conclusion: I need a wife.

Still, I feel really accomplished.

Image may contain: coffee cup and drinkI also had a lovely hour this afternoon when I could sit with a cup of tea and read a book. A whole hour! I usually read before bed but sometimes I’m so tired I really can’t get through more than a page or two. I have to say that I might be able to do that more often, if not completely uninterrupted, but then I have other hobbies, such as knitting. I also often get kidnapped by social media and TV. That, obviously, the time I am not doing chores etc. I suppose the key is being organized.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am writing sentences and I know fully well that the sentence in itself is terrible, but I am writing it and, as the now immortal Terry Pratchett (further immortalised by the blind worshiping of Flat Earthers ¬ ¬) said, ‘the first draft is just you telling yourself the story’, so I am not worrying too much about that and I am writing on.

It’s crazy how getting things done helps. I think that the great weapon of mental illnesses. Depression, anxiety, etc, make it difficult to get up and do things. And it becomes a vicious circle. Not that the simple fact of getting things done will cure mental issues, but I could help. The problem is getting there, because when you’re down, there is no motivation that will get you going, all you manage to do is maybe watch TV, eat, drink or whatever it is you have to cope.

So, if everything goes to plan, sometime in three or four months I should have a first draft. Yay!


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