Day 21 – Are We There Yet?

It takes, they said, twenty-one days to form a new habit and, as I said twenty days ago, I was trying to form the habit of being more positive about myself and the way I look. I also did say that I would give it thirty days to be on the safe side, so we’re almost at the end of this period. So far, I can’t say it’s quite a habit, but it certainly is becoming easier to shift the perspective when a negative thought comes up.

Whether directly related to this or not, I have found that my bingeing urges have reduced. Not disappeared though.

And I must wonder, it’s BED something one can fully recover of or is it like alcoholism, in which case you’re always an alcoholic and all you can do is, by sheer strength of character, not drink? Then again, some experts do think that alcoholism is something that one can recover from, so it really depends what school of thought you’ll go with here. Still, BED is not like alcoholism. You can avoid alcohol and live but the same cannot be said about eating.

There have been a number of breakthroughs and discoveries along the way that I think have made my relationship with food easier to handle, so that’s a plus. I hadn’t realised how out of touch I had become with my feelings.

In other news, today I tried to repeat yesterday’s feat of sitting to read in the afternoon. I did read a few pages but I couldn’t keep my eyes open so I had to lie down and take a nap. And by a nap I mean ten uninterrupted minutes of keeping my eyes clothes, because the kids are still home and I haven’t had a decent nap since I was single, probably.

I was ready to do some writing today, but it didn’t happen. I got too caught up with Line of Duty season 3 which, I just realized at the end after catching a glimpse of one of those wonderful (read with full sarcastic tone) bonfires, was filmed in Northern Ireland. It was an awesome season finale though.



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