Day 25 – A Slow News Cycle

I have watched a fair bit of West Wing in my days, yes.

It was just one of those days in which nothing happened. I did a fair bit of writing, 2138 words. The way I’ve planned my writing time seems to be working well.

I’ve also started on a new piece of editing, so that’s something to work on.

I’ve been reflecting on my gym efforts. It is hard to get motivated and I have to say I don’t feel particularly proud, normally, of my exercising. It probably has to do with feeling self-conscious while I am there. There aren’t many bigger sizes in that room and the ones there are are nowhere close to my side. I am lucky enough to be going with my neighbour and friend C, who is very encouraging and with whom it’s nice to have a chat on the way in and the way back. It’s easier to exercise with somebody else. I had tried to enrol my husband before, what with him saying he wanted to get fit, but he doesn’t want to work at home and, of course, we can’t both go to the gym or even walking together, since we have the kids.

There are advantages to going to the gym, though. You get to leave the house and the kids and have a moment to clear your head and be called something else than ‘mummy’. It is my favourite job title, but everybody needs a break from their job.

Either way, I am starting to feel stronger so I feel like my feelings towards my training efforts are very slowly starting to shift. It’s still hard to feel positive about it because a lot of me hurts a lot of the time and it makes going up the stairs harder when what I am going for is making that part of my life easier. I think, when things get a bit easier, or at least the recovery is better, I’ll feel more positive about it. In the meantime, I have that goal to work towards.

PS: CBS shared a video on Twitter were a two girls went back to the zoo where they had their first date. One of them got down on one knee and propose, engagement ring in hand, to the utter shock of her girlfriend, who then proceded to jump about and pulled out an engagement ring she had gotten because she too had planned to propose that same day in that same place. If that’s not meant to be, I don’t know what is…


One thought on “Day 25 – A Slow News Cycle

  1. ptholome says:

    For anygoal we have we must drem big though it takes time to reach them. Don’t look a others, only keep going and you will succeed.
    The other day, Nadal’s uncle was speaking in TED about the effort and how he trained his nephew. He said that he was exigent but also that he tried to teach Nadal that the exigent one must be himself and the responsibility of his results was only his.

    So, one day, Nadal was 15 years old, he accompanied two players ( Nadal and another one) to a tournment and nadal was losing the game. He was looking at him from the distance and after a while someone came to see him and told him. Do you know that your nephew is plaing with a broken raquet?

    So, he went to see Nadal and ask him What’s up? Have you notice that your raquet is broken? And Nadal said “No, I am such used to be the responsible of my play that I thought it was my fault if I was losing”

    This anecdote has nothing to do which dreams or maybe yes

    Love you.

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