Day 32 – It’s Been Two Weeks and Four Days…

…of heat. And that’s about enough, thank you very much. I didn’t come to Northern Ireland to enjoy the sun. I mean it’s hot, super hot.

It really isn’t, in the grand scheme of temperatures around the world. Not even close compared to where I come from, but you do get used to the change of temperatures after leaving in a place for over ten years. It’s a pain, especially when you want to go to the gym. Not that I was going to go today, but anyway.

I’m noticing more progress in my positivity journey. Now, more often than not, when I see my face in the mirror I don’t go ‘meah’ but more like ‘well, ok,’ which is almost a ‘not so bad’ sort of feeling.

My father and I, I think I’ve mentioned this before, like tennis. We follow, of course, Rafael Nadal, King of Clay. I mean I think by now he needs to be promoted to Emperor of Clay, but still. My dad sent me today a video of when Nadal was sixteen and he was doing very well in his first serious tournaments, gathering some ATP points, and he was interviewed. In this interview he expressed his dream of winning Wimbledon one day, and added he knew it would be a lot of work. He didn’t say it like the cocky guy, you know, saying ‘I will win Wimbledon’. I was a wish, he hoped he would, but there was a certain determination, or, more precisely, he had no fear of the work it would take. It’s funny he didn’t mention Roland Garros. Spanish players do well, overall, in Roland Garros, and he has done better than all of them, as he is now playing for his 11th title. I mean, the French have given up and all and made a whole parade of his 10th win last year.  Either way, my point is, it was motivational for me because he knew it was a far-fetched dream, no Spanish player had won Wimbledon in forty years or so (and the one that did was the only one), but he wasn’t afraid to work hard and try. And so, six years later, on his third Wimbledon Final, Rafael Nadal won the title, playing against Roger Federer in what is most definitely the greatest match in Tennis History. And then he won it again in 2010.

My point is this. Yes it’s hard. And yes it might not work the first time, or even the second time. But the work is worth it and if you are not scared, you might just make it.

If you’re pro-life, you can choose to avert your eyes now, because I am pro-choice and this might upset you.

On other news, the Supreme Court has rejected the case over the legality of Northern Ireland anti-abortion laws, which are different to the rest of the United Kingdom’s, where it is legal. At the same time, the majority of the judges believe Northern Irish laws in this respect are contrary to Human Rights. So yes, they’re bad, but we’re not going to do anything about it.

Whether you agree with abortion being legal or not, I don’t care. The fact is, before abortion was legal in the UK, about ten thousand women died of back-alley abortions every year. And on top of that it probably cost a fortune. Ultimately, a woman with a medically managed abortion will live to eventually have more children if she chooses to. A dead one simply won’t.

But if you want to make sure that the number of abortions practiced is minimal, there is one solution and one solution only: EDUCATION. It’s not hard, really. Educate girls so they take the pill (and what that implies and the occasions it doesn’t work, etc) AND make casual partners wear a condom (because they are not only contraceptive, they are principally prophylactic, meaning they protect you from illness) and teach boys the same, plus that when a girl says no, it does actually, very much, really, really, really, mean no and they need to back off and think of… I don’t know, fluffy clouds. Whatever works.

Sorry, rant over. It’s just judges should know better. We’re not in the dark ages anymore.



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