Meaningless Time is Not Always Wasted Time

It has been an odd weekend. Yesterday, in a bid for spending some time with the family and taking advantage of the good weather, I thought we would go to Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park in Belfast. There is a children’s park there so I thought we would take a walk and end in the park and then go home.

It all started well. We arrived, it was very warm and sunny. As we started on the path we got that nice smell of wet soil, flowers and underlying vegetal decomposition that always makes me feel fresh and as if I was breathing purer oxygen.

The problem is, we got lost and walked so far we ended up in a small gate that opened directly onto the road. And here all hell broke loose. First it started raining. We hadn’t gotten to the children’s park and we didn’t know where we had gone wrong. It was easy to fix, though, all we had to do was to go back the way we came. E was crying, though, because she was scared and she was tired. There were some really steep slopes to go up and down, which was hard work for my lack of fitness and pushing/pulling three kids. At some point the pram held not only D (9m old) but also A (3yo) a nappy bag, my handbag, a scooter and a bike. We only paid £99 on sale for that pram when E was born, almost six years ago and those are the best £99 I’ve spent in my life.

And then, as providence would have it, as soon as we got to the parking the skies opened and what was soft rain became a bit of a storm. L and I got drenched putting kids in the car and putting seat belts on and prams in the boot, etc.

So, of all our day trips, this is probably the most disastrous one yet. I’m told it’s what happens when you have small kids. Still, if we hadn’t gone I wouldn’t have a short video of E using a maple leaf as an umbrella.

So of course I got home and I was way too tired to write, but I did get to read in the front garden, so I can’t complain.

Today was a whole other story. I had a lot of chores to do and by the time I finished I really didn’t have the energy. I have done nothing productive non-chore related today. I am trying not to beat myself up about it. I needed time to disconnect and that’s also a good thing. Tomorrow, however, is grocery day and that’s always a challenge but I must not let it stop me.


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