Mondays are Hard for Everybody

Even when you don’t have a 9 to 5 job, Monday sucks. It’s only because I have to do the groceries. I’m not sure which part of it bothers me the most. The getting the kids in and out of the car four times, buckling of seat belts, where are we going now, no I don’t want music, can I have a treat, sing-song, both ways. Or it could be the walking through the aisles trying to make sure I don’t forget anything essential (you’ve no idea how many times I’ve come home to find I forgot the bread AND the eggs). Or it could be the mental effort of planning the week’s meals so I know what to buy. And then, of course, put everything on the belt, take it off (fast, very fast, Lidl has small areas for that and the cashiers are very quick), bag it, take it home, put it all away while A keeps asking for chocolate or biscuits or whatever we bought.

After, I just don’t feel like doing anything, although I did finish to read my current book. I don’t know what I am going to pick next. That’s always the big question, isn’t it. If you were wondering, and you don’t follow me on Twitter, I just finished Jo Nesbo’s The Bat.

My other achievement of the day is going to the gym. I always type gym with a capital G at first, as if it was a superior entity of infinite power. It does have infinite power to exhaust your will, though. It was a tough class but I think I did the best I could, even with my bad stomach (I had a bad stomach earlier today but by the time my friend asked me about going to the gym I thought it was fine, so I decided to go. Mildly regretting that decision now). It was body combat, which involves a lot of air punching and, although I did stop here and there in leg exercises or when I got confused with the movements, I did better upper body-wise. My point is, I am starting to feel progress. We’ll see tomorrow in weight training…

I’d like to write some more but I am not feeling too well so I think I am going to make a quick decision on my next book to read and go to bed.


One thought on “Mondays are Hard for Everybody

  1. ptholome says:

    Monday was never hard for me. not harder than any other day I always refused to see this day as a bad day. I was glad to have a job so to go to job was not bad. Though I understand that feeling because the first year I was working in France everyday at work was a nightmare but for me was more a battle agains tha bad guy in charge of the warehouse. But everyday from Monday to Friday was very hard for me. But the good thing is after one year I had my papers to work in France ( the first year the company contract was enough to show to anyone requiring it) So I had the permision to stay in France and went away immediatly from this company. Truth be told, in 1974 there was in France only 400,000 unemployed people so it was very easyto find out a better job.

    In the next job, after the bad year I had previously, the place seemed to me as I was on heaven. So I was happy to go to work on Monday.

    But any job is easier than the job of a mom growing childrens and managing a home. The worst is that nobody except women know it.

    But we have only one life and we must try to look at the positive side of things..

    Love you.


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