Can Tuesday Be the New Monday?

Routine definitely helps. L, my husband, always seems to feel critical of my need to stick to a routine. I don’t know why. I mean, there is a time and a place to be spontaneous, sure, but your boss wouldn’t appreciate you coming to work at 12.30 because you don’t like routines and you had a bout of spontaneity. My routines help me with many things, one of them being my BED but the other one is getting stuff done. Other than chores and childcare, these are the things I’ve done today:

  • I’ve advanced my Star Wars blanket knitting for A.
  • I’ve advanced my reading of English Literature in Context.
  • I’ve written 2039 words, meeting my daily goal (considering I started with -18, that’s not bad, lol)
  • I’ve read my current book, Mythos, by Stephen Fry.

I’d say that’s pretty good, and it’s because I have a routine.

I’ve even set goals for my reading. As it is, I feel hopeless enough at the lack of lifetime I have to read everything I want to read, so I’ve set myself a goal of one book a week. It’s doable, I think, for most books, safe, maybe, Lord of the Rings and War and Peace.

The one thing I haven’t done today is go to the gym, after all. I had a bad stomach yesterday and it’s not great today. It has a lot to do with menstruation, so there is added discomfort. I was going to push through but my friend decided not to go and she’s not going tomorrow either. In this case, it’s a blessing because I’m not feeling 100%, but I’m not sure I would have gone without her had I felt better. Of course, there is a level of laziness about not going if she doesn’t go, but there is something else. I do feel more confident when I’m not surrounded by strangers. It’s easier to escape the voices in my head that question my performance or what people might think of me there when I have somebody to share the workout with.

On the bright side, given my current discomfort, tomorrow is the school’s sports day and my husband took the day off to attend with E, so at least I don’t have to leave the house. I’ll be fine in a couple of days, though.

In any case, gym or no gym, it was a very productive day,  so I’m quite pleased with that.


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