Long Days do End

And this one is almost over. They never feel quite over until the kids go to bed and that hasn’t happened yet. The baby is on her way to bed but there are still a few (long) minutes for the older ones.

It’s been a long day. I’ve felt quite ‘ugh’, which is a word that perfectly describe the first day of menstruation. Also, L, my husband, was off today, which means the kids were extra fussy. Still, I’ve pretty much achieved all I wanted to achieve, except half of my reading goal, which I am about to do providing I get to bed early enough. Going to bed early is also part of the plan today.

I wanted to have some writing wisdom for you today but I don’t have much. Only one snippet, which is pretty obvious, but sometimes worth it. Your mind is stronger than your body. If you’re mentally exhausted, it might be impossible to push yourself to write, but if you’re physically tired, your mind can still push through. I’m not saying is wise, but it can be done. And for me consistency with goals is a must, because I can be easily demotivated and lose focus if I don’t stick to these plans.

It also helps to make a schedule. For example, I try to knit till 10am or 10.30, then read English Literature in Context for about an hour, then write for an hour… and so on.. I don’t necessarily stick to it to the minute, but it serves me as a general guide for what I need to get through in a day and how to fit it around the kids and the chores, etc.

Planning ahead can seem daunting or difficult if you have no faith you are going to follow the plan, but I read an article on Writing Magazine about planning and essentially it said something like this:

  • Set your goal for a specific deadline. For example, I want to finish this Star Wars blanket I am knitting for October.
  • Divide the time by two and figure out what you need to have done by that time to meet your goal.
  • Then divide that time by two again, and figure out what you need to have done by then to meet your goal.
  • Keep dividing by two until you have to figure out what you need to do in the next ten minutes.

If you want that in more detail, get yourself a copy of Writing Magazine issue for April 2018, I found it very interesting and motivating.

And now, finally, that’s me done for the day. Kids are about to go to bed after which I will go to bed myself and finish today’s reading.


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