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Over a week ago I ended my thirty day habit-forming deadline to become more positive. This is something I am working further with and it’s becoming easier, but it is still something that requires active thought. And it’s only a step, the first step towards being more comfortable with myself, loving myself even, and, together with other steps, eventually fully overcome my BED. But this process has had collateral consequences (not damages) that I hadn’t foreseen. The main one is that I have become more determined to write and publish, whether self or traditional, and I am taking it (and me) seriously.

And I am enjoying it. I am writing a crime story, which we will identify as The Detective and The Ghost for the purpose of the blog. I’m getting to a point where details are getting more defined, the world of the story is becoming more realistic and full and I find myself, very much like when I am reading a book, looking forward to immersing myself into that world again. I’m just over thirty thousand words at the minute, so there is still a long way to go, but I do ask myself a lot of questions.

One question I have asked myself many times is ‘do I need a writer’s blog?’ And, as many articles as have been written to answer that question, I’ve come to my own answer, which I’m getting into now.

The main thing is, I have tried. Not very hard, admittedly, but I have tried. The problem is that I have little to teach anybody and even if I did, there is nothing I can come up with in any extent that hasn’t been told before by others better and more effectively. For example, my friend Gabriella Campbell has a writer’s blog in Spanish (and if you can speak Spanish, do check it out because it’s invaluable, I wish she translated it) in which she talks about every aspect of writing you can imagine. What can I, who has never been published (at least in English) have to say that she, and other writers of her level, haven’t said ten times better? And don’t get me started on the books written by Stephen King, Terry Pratchett, Ray Bradbury, and so many others on their approach to writing.

I also tried to do book reviews. I like book reviews and I didn’t mind reading early copies of books, the problem is, there are a million books I want to read and they’re not on Netgalley, so I’m going to do reviews of books I want to read. And some of them will be old as sin, like when I reviewed Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Earthsea Quartet, which a lot of people from the UK and probably US had read, right around the time they read Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings but Le Guin wasn’t known in Spain when I was at that reading stage of my life and I loved it so I reviewed it. And you know what, why shouldn’t I. Some of my most visited posts are books I read on Netgalley, yes, but that have been published a long time ago now, so having been out there for a while is no reason to not give my opinion on the books.

I also don’t have what we strictly call a writer’s blog because I have more stuff going on in my life than my writing. There is my three children, my husband, my learning, university and otherwise, my reading, my mental health issues,  my daily upsets and outrages. Not to talk about the state of the world. So what I share is my point of view on the things that go through my mind as well as the nuggets of clarity and mid-level wisdom that come upon me about writing and achieving goals. There is a lot of things going on in my life and sharing my approach to them is simply the best I can do.



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