Father’s Day

I’m coming to realize I find it extremely hard to write on weekends and my writing will need to be a Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 sort of job.

It has to do, I think, with the fact that my husband, L, is home and the kids need to be reined in so the man can get something done. It’s no easy task and every so slightly unpleasant. After all, L is away to work everyday and the kids don’t see him as much as they see me so, when he is home, they’re dying to spend time with him. And he is fun, he plays with them and he takes them places, even though his patience has clearly defined limits, he still makes the effort to do things with them. The problem with that is that, when he needs time to do other things, the kids, and mostly A, who is only three years old, gets really upset because, in his words, he wants ‘his daddy.’ It does break my heart a bit, though.

I never had that issue when I was a child. Whether my father had more patience or just because I was an only child and, hence, less demanding, I don’t remember my father losing the plot when we were going places. And I went pretty much everywhere with him, to do the shopping, when he was going to play tennis, to the tool shop…

My father and I have a great relationship. I mean, we fought a lot when I lived home, but he’s the one who has made more effort to understand my problems with BED. He listens and that’s invaluable.

We also share the unwavering support for Rafael Nadal and a love of tennis, since I got that from him. I still remember the tennis match that hooked me, Sergi Bruguera was playing at Roland Garros. That was quite a while before Nadal, of course.

Ultimately, you can get on better or worse with your father but you only have one and, except if the man is a monster, it’s better to make the best of that relationship. Sometimes it’s hard but, in my case, it’s easy.

Happy Father’s Day, papa!


3 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. ptholome says:

    Thank you love. I loved a lot to bring you with me to the park “la tête d’or” or to thé Market, I did bring you a few times to the tennis club but I couldn’t play because you wanted to be Amy side which was impossible when we play tennis. Your mother was never keen to come with me at any sport I practiced football, athlétisme, tennis… But So I couldn’t bring you more when I had a competition. Only once she accepted because I told her we were no good at all, so we will lose very soon and she/we would be back home sooner. We won’t the competition and we were there all the sgternoon until 9pm. I was not happy each time we won and told her that it was not normal so we will lose the next match. But we won all the matches and she was not happy at all. But you had a grey day playing there with balls… But you were 2 years old. I will send you a picture I found out lady month.
    I regret a lot all the time I was working and you were alone. But I was always happy to have you in my arms or playing around me. I have great memories when we were living in France but not many in Spain because our job.
    But I love you.

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