The Dog Saga, Part II

Because you thought you had heard the last of this? Well, no. It’s been almost a week and today, my neighbour, the person who I knew put the complaint about the barking, has decided to post about it on the village page. But that’s not what has bothered me. I am fully aware my dogs bark and do so for many reasons, one of them is that, unfortunately, we’re at a corner house, meaning they are exposed to the street from a lot of angles. Every delivery van, the postman, every dog that walks past (a lot of dogs in the village). They bark, but only when L is not here. That means that between 6 pm and and 9 am on weekdays, no barking. No barking on weekends either. The problem is that my neighbour has a new partner and he works nights, because most of the time they would bark, she’s not here. Either way, none of that is the problem, barking is very very annoying to people and I understand that. No, the problem came on the replies to the post.

When somebody else suggested she approached the owners she went and said that we were ‘unapproachable’. She has never, ever (ever) come to speak to us, about this or anything else, really. We’ve many times taken her parcels when she was away, L cleared her driveway of snow this winter and he has taken her bins in many times in the past. So, bottom line, that part was a complete lie and it hurt, because I try to be nice to people, I try to help where and when I can, so you can imagine that this has upset me. And when I say upset me, I mean made me really angry. I’m Spanish, I have a fucking temper. So now, my hands are shaking because of the adrenaline.

But because I’m nice, although I set the record straight, I did so nicely (cause I’m a writer, and I will write you into the ground!) and I did say in my reply that I was more than happy to have her over for tea or a glass of wine and put this behind us. Because she’s my neighbour and I’d rather have a good relationship with them. So rather than burst a fuse on that post, I thought I would vent about it here. Shaking has subsided slightly.

I just don’t understand why she would post on the village board though. Didn’t she think we would see it? It’s not the complaint. It’s the lie…

Feeling better now. Nothing like venting. I better get back to my writing now.


2 thoughts on “The Dog Saga, Part II

  1. ptholome says:

    Hello, I think you must tell them, writing a comment to their post, that they’ve never ever tried to approach you.

    Be nice with nice people and evil with evil people. If they haven’t told the truth they don’t deserve your respect.

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