Some Like It Hot, but not This Hot

It is roasting. Not for by any near-the-ecuador standards, but by Northern Irish standards. To be honest it’s too hot for me. I’ve never coped with heat very well. And I live here, in a completely opposite situation to where I come from, Cordoba, Spain. While in Cordoba houses are built to be cool because summers are so hot, hence you tend to be cold in winter, here, houses are built to be warm because winters are quite cold, hence you’re too hot in summer. At least the great British summer only lasts a handful of days.

Either way, it was a really hot day which made it hard to do… well, anything. It was also grocery day, but that’s another issue. In any case, after a couple of weeks in which I only went to the gym once, we decided (my friend and I) to go today.

Oh boy…

It was hot.

One of the trainers walked past us as we waited outside the studio’s door and said something on the lines of  ‘it’s going to be a hot one today.’ Well, no shit. It’s not like we were coming for the refreshing service.

Working out is a pain in the neck, but working out when the world is an ove… that’s just not right.

Thinking about it, quite randomly, I might add, I don’t remember seeing a single gym in Cordoba. I’m sure there are some, at least now, but back then, I just can’t remember seeing one.

In any case, we were glad when the class ended and we could go back outside. Because the beauty of Northern Ireland is that even though it’s hot, there is usually (usually) a soft breeze that helps you out.

Then we had to sit in the car, all sweaty, which is, to say the least, unpleasant.

The best part is now, after I’ve taken a sower and I’m sitting here, the sun slowly diving under the edge of the world (poetic license, I’m not a Flat Earther), and it’s pleasantly cool, further improved by my cup of peach and raspberry tea.

On these words, I will leave you go do some reading. I am currently reading Artemis, by Andy Weir, author of The Martian. As I said on twitter yesterday, it took me eleven pages to realize the main character was a woman. If you are interested in keeping a closer eye on what I am reading, you can follow me on twitter (@carolinecneale) and/or on Instagram (carolinecneale).

Good night and good writing!



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