The Dog Saga, Part III

And the last one? Possibly. The fact is, my neighbor didn’t come to see me after all. She did send me a Facebook message last week to say she would, and then, well, as I said, she didn’t. Not that I am surprised, after all, we’ve met on the driveway many times and she has never said hello. They seem to be on holidays now so that seems to be that by now. The dogs have been very quiet with the heat this past week so I wonder if she thinks I did something to keep them quiet and there is no need to talk about it but the truth is I haven’t done anything, it’s just the heat, poor pets.

On other news, I’ve met a group of lovely people through this workshop I’ve been going to, people who have similar issues than myself, although not necessarily BED, or maybe not diagnosed. We’ve bonded well and we are proactively keeping in touch. I feel very positive about this, as I feel if we do keep in touch it will be easier for all of us to keep going and getting better, getting over our issues.

Writing this week has taken a hit. It was just too hot and there wasn’t a lot of writing done, I’m not going to lie. I need to get the show back on the road this week, although the weather forecast doesn’t seem to be showing any changes. It might rain on Thursday, though, whoop whoop. Either way, the Detective and the Ghost must go on…

I called my grandmother today. She’s 85 years old and her whole back is broken, so what was she doing when I called? She was hoovering. Hoovering! I don’t hoover and my back is fine! (Well, it’s sore at the minute, but that’s just the bed). My mum is there with her at the minute so you’d think she’d let her do it. No, she said, your mum does enough as it is… So I rolled my eyes and told her not to push herself too much. I have to give it to her, her health has deteriorated much faster than any of us every expected. In her seventies she did yoga several times a week, she went walking for miles every weekend, she ate organic, a lot of fruit, a lot of vegetables… you name it. Her deterioration has really come as a shock. She doesn’t see well anymore either and that’s possibly the biggest tragedy because that woman as a BRD, a Binge Reading Disorder. She reads and reads and reads and reads some more. I don’t know what she will do when she can’t read anymore. I well up and all thinking about it.

But let’s not dwell on that sort of thought. School is out and that means no more school runs, which should help on my writing. Might even crank up the target to 2500 words a day to make up for this week’s low word count. I’ll let you know.

Good Night and Good Writing!

PS: You might have notice the cover picture on Part II was a collie and this one is a black lab. It’s because our dogs are a collie and black lab. Fun trivia, eh?


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