When you’re confident

It does matter, confidence. I am currently reading a writing book, How to Write Crime, which came recommended by Penguin Random House, where many writers share their tricks and tips and knowledge on how to tackle the Crime genre. The thing is, in this book like in any other case I’ve read about an author or heard an interview, I am always astounded at how confidently they speak about their characters and their plots and, well, their craft. I’m not doubting their talent, of course, it’s just that in my case, for example, even when I mention The Detective and the Ghost, inside I’m like a giggling teenage girls (I’m unsure if I ever was a giggling girl, lol). It feels odd to talk about things I’ve made up in my head as if they were solid and real and not just a day dream. That, I believe, is the essential difference between an amateur and a professional and the reason why I force myself to talk about this novel.

I’m having second thoughts about the novel though. Not about writing it, but about POV. Right now it’s written in a close third person from the main character’s (Valerie) point of view but I do wonder if I shouldn’t write it from the point of view of Harvey, the ghost, in first person, but where his role would be the narrator. The thing is, I love the idea of the ghost, but so far, although he has served some purpose, it’s not a purpose I couldn’t shift to something else or to the main character itself. He is, as it goes, expendable, and that’s not something you want in a story. I am not going to change this now, as I am almost a third in and I almost prefer to go on as it is, since, like Sir Pratchett said, I’m only telling myself the story, but it’s something I will have to seriously consider when I start editing. Shifting the role of narrator to the ghost would also allow me to show the other characters (suspects, witnesses, etc) private scenes. Harvey, as a ghost, is limited in his movements as he can’t go too far from Valerie, so it wouldn’t be a cheap way to just haven an omniscient narrator. So much to think about.

I am also wondering about Valerie herself. Have I revealed too much about her inner life so far. I think I might have. I am planning more novels about her and Harvey and I have already rough summaries of the crimes for another two stories at least, so I need to pace this well. Still, easily solved upon editing.

On other news, my parents were out for lunch with old friends and noticed how they kept annoying their daughter about her weight. She must be at least thirty-five so at this stage it’s a bit ridiculous. Not that it would have been good when she was young and lived with them but it’s meaningless at this stage. Even if this ‘technique’ (I’m using the term so loosely it’s about to float away in the wind) would have a positive impact (which it doesn’t) she’s going to go home and do whatever she wants. My father, who is very supportive of me in my recovery from BED, asked to have her e-mail address so I can get in touch with her and see if I can help her. There is no reason to think that she has BED. Not everybody who is overweight has an eating disorder as such. I do believe that, as a society, we have a disordered relationship with food though, but I get a feeling a whole book could be written about that. Either way, I am keen to help anybody who needs it or has questions. I’ve written quite a few articles about my experiences and point of views on the subject of eating disorders and Binge Eating Disorder more specifically, which you can find under Health and Lifestyle. If you have any questions, or you want to know how to find help, you can follow me on Twitter (@carolinecneale) and send me a direct message, or you can e-mail me at carolinecneale@gmail.com.

Now I’m going to start on my next book review. I’ve had to think about this one.

Good Night and Good Writing.


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