When Ryan Reynolds Mediates to fight Anxiety

Am I the only one who gets discouraged by motivational messages because of a grammatical mistake or a typo? I will admit I am a bit of a grammar police officer, I can’t help it, even if I am aware I am hardly free of those pesky errors myself.

I was watching  a clip on Twitter by Men’s Health praising these celebrities for talking openly about their and their families’ mental health issues and the clip mentions how Ryan Reynolds suffers from anxiety and deals with it by using mediation. I mean, yes, mediating into peoples’ problems to help them can be very rewarding, but I don’t think it has a big effect on anxiety. They probably meant meditation.

You might think it’s silly of me to feel the message has been diminished by a simple error but there is a number of factors to consider.

First of all, these clips, these messages, they’re telling a story, albeit a short one. Stories take you in, transport you and, sometimes, transform you. Messages that are meant to make you feel less alone, motivated, confident, are meant to transform you. A mistake like that snaps you right back to reality. First of all, you get distracted because it doesn’t make sense, so your brain is trying to tie the loose ends. And then, you just realize it’s a typo, at which point you’re already out of it.

Secondly, how seriously can I take your message when you have a typo. I mean, typos are common, the gods know I catch a few in the novels I read, which have been proofread and copy edited etc, but those are some hundred and fifty thousand words. Motivational memes and clips are most definitely less than a hundred and sometimes less than ten. How hard is it?

Then again, there is a chance that they really meant mediation and it refers to something entirely different.

Since school is out I am finding it very hard to write. Eden is around all day and the dynamic I had with Arthur has gone out of the window. I am trying to find a different one but it hasn’t worked yet so I am trying to write at night. I’ve just written over a thousand words, but I am too sleepy to do any more, so I thought I’d finish this and go to bed. I need a solution though. But, in a very Scarlett O’Hara way, ‘I’ll think about it tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day.’

Good Night and Good Writing.


3 thoughts on “When Ryan Reynolds Mediates to fight Anxiety

  1. legitimatelyunfunny says:

    I wonder if you went back through this entire post and re-read it to make sure there were no typos =)

    I completely agree, although I’m somewhat of a grammar uh…strict person myself too. I correct my kids all the time just so when they’re older they have a sense of how to properly say something/write something. Although I’m sure its very annoying =)

    Back to my point, I completely agree. Simply put, it just takes you out of it. If someone is going to try and tell a story or pass on a message it loses its luster when its spelled wrong.
    And I think to the point of it being short and books/novels being long. You can read a single error among a hundred pages and it’s not going to take you out of it (unless its an intense part of the story) but, as you said, in a very short meme that’s meant to inspire its a bit maddening.

    I’ve said too much =) Recap: I AGREE!

    • Caroline Corpas-Neale says:

      Not too much at all! I like a good long reply :). To answer your question, I didn’t actually check for typos, I could barely keep my eyes open, lol.

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