It’s been a while

It’s been a tough day but I’ve survived, even the part where the kids tried to light the house on fire. I’ve made it. Almost. The kids are not in bed yet but the husband is and their attention is diverted to him. Thank the gods. I mean, the man has his flaws, but he is a very attentive father.

This said, no words were written today, other than these. I did some reading, so it’s not so bad. I did sit to write but it was impossible with all the kids here. Not to worry, all I have to do is recalculate my daily word count for the rest of the week. I’d like to write 10000 words a week, now that I am almost half way my expected manuscript length.

On the other hand, I have started working on the layout for Maven and The Blue Giant. I’m hoping to have the cover done soon, with the final title, as the above is only the working one. I’m also preparing a wee competition to increase the reach of the page, hopefully that will help. It’s a very exciting stage and a bit of a nerve wracking one too.

I’ve struggled a bit with the bingeing urges the past week. The effects of the recent course I took wore off a bit and it was a bit hard to keep things under control. I had a chat with a friend, though, and I felt better afterwards. Receiving understanding from others is key in this process, I think. It helps me not judge myself too harshly. Still, I feel  more at ease at the minute but I know there are a couple of factors that have influenced this small setback. Having the kids at home all day, now that school is out, and with the kids here, my writing (and other activities) routine has been disturbed and it’s affecting my confidence. The excitement about the Detective and the Ghost has worn off a bit and I am struggling with this part of the draft. I am powering through, though, as the first draft is only putting the rough story on paper but it’s easy to feel defeated at the minute.

Another issue that has affected me has been not journaling here for a while. Even if the things I write here are not necessarily relevant to my moods or state of mind, having this outlet for my thoughts and activities is helpful.

More layout to do, though.

Good Night and Good Writing.


One thought on “It’s been a while

  1. ptholome says:

    The day has only 24 hours and when the children are on Holidays, the day still has 24 hours. So, don’t put too much pressure on you because it is not productif at all.

    Love you.

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