Cheap Medicine

The thing about medicine is that, when you start feeling better, you think you can stop taking your dose and everything will be fine. That’s specially true with mental health I think. It’s painful, but not physically, and it creeps up on you, so by the time you notice you’re slipping up, your ass is already on the tarmac.

Luckily, I am getting better at noticing when I am slipping, because that’s what happened with me and my journaling. There is something causing me anxiety at the minute, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. It could be one of the following:

  • I’ve been waiting for the results of my first assignment of this year’s module (my last module to graduate in English Literature and Creative writing) for two weeks, and I think I’ve done really poorly,
  • I always slip a bit after my parents leave, because I’m alone all of a sudden, but then my parents left at the end of September…
  • Other…

I just don’t know what else it could be. Well, there is also the book. I think I didn’t even mention it on the blog but at the beginning of October my children’s book ‘The Blue Giant’ was finally available for purchase and I have to say I was very lucky and had them all sold within a month. With Christmas coming, I considered printing more. L wasn’t quite for it, my Dad wisely said something on the likes of ‘no risk no gain’… I wasn’t sure but I also don’t like having regrets so I decided to go for it. The books are being printed as we speak and now I’m a bit nervous that I’ll never sell another one again until I write the next one (which I have started by the way).

The Blue Giant Cover Original

Either way, I am slipping. And then I saw on Facebook that there is going to be a screening of the documentary Embrace in Belfast. I’d seen it before but, like many things, you forget about it after a while. Seeing it advertised though brought back memories of watching it and two things that women said during the film that stayed with me after watching it but that had slipped out of my mind:

1 – People are so wrapped up in their own life, they don’t care about what you look like and

2 – If women stood together, united, it would make everything much easier.

It’s a very inspirational and emotional film and gave me that we push to get out of the slippage and avoid the ground altogether. Back to journaling it is, then, it’s cheap and it works :).


One thought on “Cheap Medicine

  1. ptholome says:

    Don’t worry we can not win a race if we don’t do the race. So don’t worry about your books. The only way to sell them is printing them.
    When we set up the Essencial MEditerranee business we spent 90,000 euros with not assurance wen will succeed but the only way to be able to win was doing it. We lost the money and five years but it didn’t disturb my sleep. We had a better experience and no regret because finally, we have tried at least. The success is only one the results of an action but in any case, there is always a new experience. The worse is when our fears stop us doing something which we will regret over the years.

    At 65 years old, I know I have not had a great success trying to be a wealthy person but I am in peace because I have tried and put everything I had on it.

    Love you.

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