Caroline C Neale is a French born writer, raised in Spain and currently living in Northern Ireland. She started writing at the age of 15 inspired then by her first read of “Lord Of The Rings”.

Her first short story was published at age 18 in her high school publication (Instituto Luis de Gongora).

She has also published short stories and articles in the cultural magazine El Parnaso, in which she contributed as Coordinator for the Arts and Illustration Section.

She has now decided to write in English and has been doing so for several years. She is now studying a BA (Honours) in English Literature and Creative Writing.


One thought on “About

  1. Deborah McCullough says:

    Hi Caroline,
    Fantastic blogs via Life Therapies!
    Within your article called ‘The Greatest Love of all’, I have tried online to find your list of virtues. I can find similar but not the same one.
    Could you send me a copy please?
    Kind regards,

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