Mum, the Real Thing

A few days ago I posted on twitter the following: That's the sort of day I've had today. First, D woke up at 6.30am. Then A spent the whole morning 'being hungry' but not wanting anything. Then E came home from school and spent most of the afternoon crying for one reason or another, followed … Continue reading Mum, the Real Thing


Of Writing and of Dogs

Another two thousand words today and The Detective and the Ghost progresses nicely, although I had a bit of a panic attack a few minutes ago because I'm nearing the second act and I couldn't remember what was going to be in it. But not to panic, all is well, I remembered. I remember reading, … Continue reading Of Writing and of Dogs

A Writer’s Blog

Over a week ago I ended my thirty day habit-forming deadline to become more positive. This is something I am working further with and it's becoming easier, but it is still something that requires active thought. And it's only a step, the first step towards being more comfortable with myself, loving myself even, and, together … Continue reading A Writer’s Blog